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STAAD RCDC (STAAD Reinforced Concrete Design and Construction) is a specialized software developed by Bentley Systems that facilitates the design, detailing, and construction documentation for reinforced concrete structures. It’s an integrated solution within the STAAD.Pro platform that streamlines the process of designing concrete elements like beams, columns, slabs, walls, and footings.


• Design Capabilities: It provides tools to perform reinforced concrete design as per various international codes and standards.

• Integration with STAAD.Pro: Being a part of the STAAD.Pro suite, it allows for seamless integration between analysis and design stages. Engineers can import models from STAAD.Pro directly into RCDC for detailed reinforced concrete design.

• Automated Detailing: The software generates detailed drawings, schedules, and reports automatically based on the designed elements. This includes reinforcement details, bar bending schedules, and quantities required for construction.
• Code Compliance: Supports various design codes including ACI (American Concrete Institute), IS (Indian Standards), Eurocode, and other regional standards, allowing users to design structures based on specific code requirements.
• User-Friendly Interface: Offers a user-friendly interface that facilitates the input of design parameters, viewing of results, and customization of output reports.

Course Highlights:

STAAD- RCDC advance:

• Introduction
• User interface
• Working Process
• Design codes and applications
• RCDC data creation
• Details and Drawings output

Duration :

50 Hours Theory
35 Hours Practical
45 Hours Project work

Advance Technical Features:


STAAD RCDC is utilized by structural engineers, consultants, and construction professionals involved in various construction projects, including buildings, infrastructure, bridges, and more. Its capabilities streamline the design process, ensure compliance with industry standards, and facilitate the creation of precise documentation required for construction. The software’s emphasis on accuracy, efficiency, and compliance makes it a valuable tool in the field of reinforced concrete design and construction.

User interface:

Interface based on the typical features in the software:
• Workspace
• Toolbars and menu
• Input section
• Result and output
• Design Tabs/Modules
• Report and Documentation

Working Process:

• Import analysis data directly from popular analysis engines like Staad pro, Etabs ect.
• User input parameter such as dimension, material properties, loading condition and design codes applicable to the project.
• Perform analysis based on the input data to access the structural performance. It check design as per various code.
• It can refine the design by adjusting parameters such as member size of reinforcement configuration.
• RCDC provide tool to generate reinforcement layouts of beams, columns, slabs, walls, footings and other elements based in the design results.
• The software assist in generating comprehensive reports, drawing, bar bending schedules, and construction documentation.

Design codes and Application:

• Indian Standard – IS -456, IS – 13920
• British Standard BS -8110
• American Code ACI- 318 -2011
• Euro Code – BS EN 1-1-1992
• Euro Code – BS EN 1-1-1992 MS NA
• Euro Code – BS EN 1-1-1992 UK NA
• Euro Code – BS EN 1-1-1992 SS NA

RCDC Data Creation:

Drawing outputs
• Layout Drawing
• Detailed drawings in the form of elevation and cross section
• Tin plan detailing for slabs and footings
• Fabrication detailing – Bar Bending Schedule.

Text report
• Detailed design calculation reports
• Design summary
• Bills Quantities (3 formats)
• Other element specific text reports

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