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The Public Works Department. PWD is an Indian government agency responsible for building and maintaining public services, such as public government construction, highways, bridges, public transportation, drinking water sources, etc. The Department of Public Works is the centralised entity that looks after all sorts of public service activities in India.

Each state has a different PWD, with Divisions, Sub-Divisions and Units distributed geographically. As for Rajasthan, Punjab, Mizoram, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh and many more, there seems to be a separate PWD. The departments have the same obligations in all Countries.




A PWD ID is a valid identification card issued to persons with disabilities. This card serves as a proof for availing of the benefits and privileges for PWDs. 

Getting a PWD ID is free and valid for three (3) years. The same documents are needed for renewal. However, the requirements should be updated and latest. 

Who can Apply for PWD ID


 the PWD ID qualifications:

  • Physical incapacity
  • Visual, speech, and hearing impairment
  • Intellectual, psychosocial, and psychiatric disability
  • Learning disability

PWD ID Requirements


The applicant must complete the following PWD requirements:

  • Accomplished Philippine Registry Form for Persons with Disability (This form is available on local government offices, National Council on Disability Affairs, Department of Health, and Department of Social Welfare and Development. You may also download the file or register online at the Department of Health’s Philippine Registry For Persons With Disability.)
  • Barangay Clearance
  • Two 2×2 ID picture for the application form, and one 1X1 ID picture for medicine booklet
  • Medical certificate or clinical abstract from a physician 


How to Apply for a PWD ID


Here are the steps on how to get a PWD ID:

  • Gather all the required documents. Ensure that you have the complete documents to have a faster approval.
  • If the applicant is unable to appear in person for the application, a family member may take over on behalf of the applicant. The representative must present an authorization letter signed by the PWD applicant.
  • After the verification of submitted documents, the forms will be forwarded to the health center near your municipality. The appointed officer will fill out a certification form and will input the submitted data to the Philippine Registry for PWD.
  • Then, the PWD applicant must submit the certificate of disability and approved application form to the nearest office of Social Welfare, NCDA, or DSWD for the actual issuance of ID. This typically takes only a few minutes to be issued.


PWD Contractor License

If you wish to take Government Contract Works, then you have to get PWD Contractor License. Without PWD license you cannot participate in any Government tenders.

Any individual or a Company can obtain PWD Contractor License. There are basically 4 type of Licenses issued by PWD Department. They are Class 3, Class 2 & Class 1. In some states they mention it as Class C, Class B, Class A.

Contractor License will be valid for a period of up to 5 years. After that, you will have to renew your license.

MP PWD provide only three Classes of Registration:


Class C: From 0 to 2 crore work in MP.

Class B: From 2 crore to 10 crore work in MP.

Class A: For Unlimited work in MP.

PWD – Class C Contractor License

Fee and Deposit for C Class MP PWD Registration:

  • Registration Fees: Rs. 10,100.00 only (None Refundable)
  • Security Deposit: Rs. 2 Lacs only (FDR / Bank Guarantee from Nationalized Bank for 5 year).


PWD – Class B Contractor License 

Fee and Deposit for B Class MP PWD Registration:

  • Registration Fees: Rs. 20,100.00 only (None Refundable)
  • Security Deposit: Rs. 5 Lacs only (FDR / Bank Guarantee from Nationalized Bank for 5 year).


PWD – Class A Contractor License 


Fee and Deposit for A Class MP PWD Registration:

  • Registration Fees: Rs. 50,100.00 only (None Refundable)
  • Security Deposit: Rs. 10 Lacs only (FDR / Bank Guarantee from Nationalized Bank for 5 year)

Contractor License Documents


To apply for Civil Contractor License you will need following documents: –

  • Aadhar Card
  • Pan Card
  • GST Registration Certificate
  • Solvency Certificate from a Nationalized or Scheduled Bank
  • Notarized Affidavit in prescribed format
  • 5 Passport Size Photos
  • For Partnership Firms & Companies, documents like Partnership deed, MOA/AOA, Company Pan Card.

Responsibilities of PWD


  • The PWD is also responsible for providing clean drinking water for the town and fixing the broken water pipeline.
  • Besides, if any damage happens to government schools, highways, and hospitals, PWD will do the reconstruction.
  • It has nearly the same function and responsibilities in all states, such as designing and building all government-led public projects, building & developing highways, security, road and & highway services, maintaining and upgrading government buildings, and so on.
  • Some of this research was formerly carried out in India by the military. The responsibility for public works was eventually moved to a particular section of the Indian Civil Service in the middle of the nineteenth century.

PWD’s Work Classified Categories


PWD’s Work can be classified into four categories

  • System of Drinking Water
  • Government building construction and Maintenance
  • Bridge Maintenance and Construction
  • Construction, growth, highways, road safety and flyover.



Basically, a tender is an offer or invitation to bid for a project or to accept a formal offer such as a takeover bid. This term usually refers to the process through which the government and financial institutions put forward invitation bids for large projects. These bids are to be submitted within a given deadline. Another application of the term tender or tendering is when shareholders submit their shares or securities in response to a takeover offer.

 Types of Tenders

  • open tender
  • selective tender
  • serial tender
  • negotiated tender
  • term tender


How a Tender Works

A tender is a term used in business to refer to an invitation by governments and other entities to submit a bid for contracts. Most institutions have a well-defined tender process for projects or procurements. There are also specific processes in place to govern the opening, evaluation, and final selection of the vendors. This ensures that the selection process is fair and transparent.


Process of tendering


  • Publication of notices inviting tender
  • Issue of tender documents
  • The procedure of submission of tender bids
  • Submission of affidavit by the bidders
  • Receipt and acceptance of tenders
  • Opening and evaluation of tenders
  • Recommendation for award of work
  • Acceptance of offer
  • Commencement and execution of work.

Course Highlights:

Creo Foundation :

  • Part Modeling
  • Advanced Part Modeling
  • Assembly Design
  • Advanced Assembly Design
  • Flexible Modeling
  • Sheetmetal Design
  • Drawing

Creo Advanced :

  • Creo Advance- CAD Module
  • Creo-Analyst – CAE Module
  • Creo production- CAM Module

Duration :

  • 45 Hours Theory
  • 45 Hours Practical
  • 20 Hours Project work

Duration :

  • 30 Hours Theory
  • 30 Hours Practical
  • 20 Hours Project work

Technical Features:

Part modeling

Creates Precise and Accurate 3D Complex Geometry based on the 2D Sketches
Parametric and Parent-Child Relation allows designers to modify design at any time.

Feature based Modeling Software
Import and Export CAD Models for other CAD Tools

Advanced Part Modeling

Creates 3D Models based on the Multiple Geometry
Capture the Details of the Model like Mass Properties

Manages the Cross- Section, Orientation an Representation of Models
Dynamically Editing of the Geometry

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