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MP e -Tendering system is an electronic platform used by state government departments and organizations to manage their procurement processes online. The system allows buyers to create and publish tender notices, receive bids and proposals from suppliers, and evaluate them using an online platform.


The system includes various features to streamline the procurement process, such as:
1. Secure user authentication and access controls to ensure that only authorized users can access the system.
2. Automated notifications to keep buyers and suppliers informed about important dates and deadlines related to the tendering process.
3. Online tender document management to enable buyers to upload tender documents and make them available to suppliers in a secure manner.
4. Electronic bid submission to enable suppliers to submit their bids online and receive immediate confirmation of their submission.
5. Online bid evaluation tools to allow buyers to evaluate bids and proposals electronically, using predefined criteria and scoring mechanisms.
6. Collaboration and communication tools to facilitate interactions between buyers and suppliers during the procurement process.

Course Highlights:

E-Tendering advance:

• Introduction
• Types of tenders
• Stage of the tender process
• Apply tender
• Components of the tender document
• Tender evaluation criteria

Duration :

50 Hours Theory
35 Hours Practical
45 Hours Project work

Advance Technical Features:


Tender in construction refers to placing the bids and reviewing the different contractors’ estimates. Tenders are released by an organization when any goods or services are required. For this purpose, a bid is placed from the organization, and different contractors accept and prepare the project estimate.
During the tendering process, contractors will provide a detailed project estimate. This detailed estimate consists of the name of every individual item, their quantity and their exact rate. In the tendering process. The term tenders are also used for the shareholders of a company.

Types of Tender:

Tenders in construction can be classified into various categories depending on the tendering process and the purpose of the tendering. Here are a few types of tender in construction are given below.

Selective Tender
In the case of selective tendering, only the invited supplier can submit the tenders. They are invited based on their previous records for the particular type of work. Clients get more confidence when they offer tenders through the selective tendering process.

Open Tender
This tendering process is generally adopted by the government or private sector industries for construction. In this open tendering process, anyone can submit the tenders for supplying the goods and services. In this process, high competition can be observed for particular services.

Single Stage and Two Stage Tender
This tendering process is used when all relevant information is available for the proper construction estimate. In this tendering process, a tender invitation is issued to particular suppliers. After submitting the tender, a tenderer is selected.

Negotiated Tender
Such a tender type is widely used in the construction and engineering sectors. Negotiation for particular work gives a scope to stand the existing contracts.

Stages of the Tender Process:

• Initial Planning: Define requirements, specifications, and scope of work.

• Preparing Tender Documents: Drafting the invitation, terms, and conditions.

• Issuing the Tender: Publishing and distributing the tender documents to potential suppliers.

• Evaluation of Bids: Criteria for assessing bids, including price, quality, compliance, etc.

• Awarding the Contract: Selecting the winning bid and notifying successful and unsuccessful bidders.

• Contract Management: Overseeing the contract and ensuring compliance.

Components of a Tender Document:

• Introduction and background information
• Scope of work or specifications
• Terms and conditions
• Evaluation criteria
• Submission guidelines and deadlines

Tender Evaluation Criteria:

• Price or cost
• Technical compliance
• Quality of goods or services
• Company experience and capability
• Delivery schedule
• Legal and regulatory compliance

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