UNIGRAPHICS & NX Training Institute in Indore

Unigraphics NX, also known as Siemens NX. It is an advanced High-end CAD/CAM/CAE software package originally developed by UGS Corporation, but since 2007 it is owned by Siemens PLM Software. This software is widely used for various tasks such as CNC tool path design, Design for solid/surface modeling, engineering analysis and manufacturing of machining modules. 

NX CAD is considered as the upgraded version of Unigraphics & NX.

NX can be used as a replacement for CATIA, Autodesk inventor and Creo.

NX supports almost all the operating systems like Linux, Mac OS and Microsoft Windows.

Starting with version 1847, support for Windows versions prior to Windows 10 as well as for mac OS was completely removed, and the GUI was removed from the Linux version.

Tech Cluster is a Unigraphics training institute in Indore offering product lifecycle management training which helps participants to create conceptual design with documentation and perform 3D modeling. Our Unigraphics NX courses cover vast theoretical and practical knowledge which cover all the important factors from interview point and real life application to benefit students for a better future.


Below are some applications where there is a vast usage of Unigraphics NX/ Siemens NX design software:

➢ Design – parametric and direct solid/surface modelling of machines.

➢ Engineering analysis using various methods – static; dynamic; electro-magnetic; thermal, using the finite element method; and fluid,  using the finite volume method.

➢ Manufacturing finished design by using included machining modules.

Course Highlights:

➢ Introduction of UNIGRAPHICS & NX

➢ Sketcher

➢ Part Modelling

➢ Advanced part Modelling

➢ Assembly Design

➢ Advance Assembly Design

➢ Surfacing

➢ Sheet metal

➢ Drafting & Drawing

➢ Model for Practice

Here we will go through CAD/CAM/CAE Product cycle, Parametric Technology, Introduction to UG  Environment & Menu bar and Use of Mouse.


  • 25 Hours Theory
  • 25 Hours Practical
  • 20 Hours Project work
Technical Feature

Technical Feature

Title Bar, Menu Bar, Toolbar, Radial Toolbar, Selection Bar, Cue and Status Line, Dialog Rail, Resource Bar,  navigator HD3D Tools, Integrated Browser, Palettes, Roles, Full Screen, View Orientation- Trimetric

Isometric, View Commands, Rotate Pan, Zoom In/Out, Quick Pick, Quick Pick, Categories, Coordinate  System- Absolute Coordinate System, WCS, Absolute Coordinate, Work Coordinate System. View Triad, Multiple Graphics Window, Information Window, Keyboard Accelerators, Dialog Box, File Management – Creating New Files and About Templates, Opening Files, Saving Files
Unigraphics Training Institute in Indore

➢ Basic Terminologies – Feature, Body, Solid Body, Sheet, Face, Section Curves, Guide Curves

➢ Feature Modelling Concepts

➢ About Datum CSYS And Datum Planes

➢ Changing Units In NX

➢ Feature Modelling Commands

➢ Creating Extrude Features

➢ Extrusion By Selecting a Section of Edges

➢ Limits Option

➢ Boolean Operation

➢ Applying Draft

➢ Offset Sketches

Creating Sketches – Profile, Line, Arc, Circle, Fillet, Chamfer, Rectangle, Polygon, Studio Spline, Fit Spline, Ellipse,  Conic

Editing Sketches – Quick Trim, Quick Extend, Make Corner, Offset Curve, Pattern Curve, Mirror Curve, Intersection  Point, Derived Lines

Constraints – Geometric Constraints, Auto Constraint, Inferred Constraint, Dimensional Constraints, Auto Dimension,  Animate Dimension, Continuous Auto Dimension.

Trim between faces, Projecting external elements, creation of various models, Advance tools – Hole, Groove, Slot, Chamfer,  Edge blend, Array features, Mirrors, etc. Creation of sweep, Swept, Tubes, threads, converting solid to hollow feature, editing  advance features, Rollback, Reorder features and Advance features – Creation of boss, Packets and Pad taper feature.

Unigraphics Training Classes in Indore
Unigraphics Training Courses in Indore

➢ Feature Modelling Concepts

➢ Introduction to Assembly Modelling

➢ Types Of Approach

➢ Bottom Up Assembly Modelling

➢ Top Down Assembly Modelling  

➢ Placing Components  

➢ Angle, Bond

➢ Centre,

➢ Concentric

➢ Distance

➢ Fit

➢ Parallel

➢ Perpendicular

➢ Touch Align Creating Component Arrays

➢ Setting Up Standards, Knowing Graphical User Interface of Drafting, NX Drafting Methods

➢ Creating Drafting Views

Unigraphics Training Courses in Indore

  • Dynamic Block Creations
  • Design Block Library Creations
  • Webpage Creation
  • External References
  • Hyperlink
  • Animation & Slideshow
  • Printing & Plotting
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➢ About NX Sheet Metal Preferences

➢ Creating Feature

➢ Creating Sheet Metal From Solid

➢ Applying Closed Corner, Break Corner, Applying Chamfer

➢ Applying Punch Operations

➢ Sheet Metal Cut Operations

➢ Bend Operations

➢ Converting Solid Body To Sheet Metal

➢ Creating Flat Pattern

➢ Introduction to Drafting environment

➢ Selection of drawing sheet for different sizes

➢ Creating projected & auxiliary views

➢ view modifications

➢ annotation

➢ Creating notes

➢ Tables and Inserting drawing sheets

Unigraphics Training Classes in Indore
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