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Shuttering or formwork is the term used for temporary timber, plywood, metal or other material used to provide support to wet concrete mix till it gets strength for self support.Formwork (Shuttering) is temporary support as a mould for fresh concrete, in which concrete is poured and cast in the desired shape and gain initial strength, hardened and matured. Formwork is used in different shapes and sizes according to our construction elements in the form of PCC, RCC works in Building, Bridge, Tunnel Lining, Hydropower Dam, Irrigation Headwork, Sanitary Pipeline work, etc.

Tech Cluster is an institute which provides Shuttering  training in Indore and offers chances to avail a great opportunity to learn the tool from basic to advanced level. Our expert faculties cover all the important factors of Shuttering Training for beginners and intermediates. With our expert guidance students can excel in their career and earn good. 

Course Highlights:

Shuttering Foundation :

  • Types Of Shuttering
  • Shuttering Of Slab
  • Shuttering Of Beam
  • Shuttering Of Column
  • Shuttering Of Staircase
  • Prop Support
  • Shuttering Oil
  • Setting Time

Duration :

  • 45 Hours Theory
  • 45 Hours Practical
  • 20 Hours Project work

Technical Features:

Types Of Shuttering

  • Wooden form
  • Plywood form
  • Steel form
  • Combined wood-steel form
  • Reinforced concrete form
  • Plain concrete form

Shuttering Of Slab

Shuttering Of Beam Beam, shuttering is done in 5 sides and the other side (top side is left to fill concrete) Shuttering area can also be calculated by finding out the individual area of each faces as below: Face 1 : Area of rectangle = L x B = 0.8 x 4 = 3.2 Face 2 : Area of rectangle = L x B = 0.6 x 4 = 2.4 Face 3 : Area of rectangle = L x B = 0.8 x 4 = 3.2 Face 4 : Area of rectangle = L x B = 0.8 x 0.6 = 0.48 Face 5 : Area of rectangle = L x B = 0.8 x 0.6 = 0.48 Total Area of Shuttering = 3.2 + 2.4 + 3.2+ 0.48 +0.48 = 9.76.Sqm

Shuttering Of Column

Column box or shuttering for columns is made of plywood sheets or steel sheets fabricated with adequate stiffeners. A thin film of oil or grease should be applied to inner surface of the shuttering to enable easy removal of the column after the concrete hardens. Shuttering should be properly aligned to its verticality and diagonals to be checked to ensure accuracy in dimensions. Formwork has to be thoroughly supported with props size before pouring the concrete so that it does not moves horizontally or vertically during concreting. The gaps near the shuttered joints should be sealed with plaster or a piece of wood to prevent any leakage of slurry.

Shuttering Of Staircase

The shuttering area required for the staircase:

  • Waist slab shuttering area
  • Steps shuttering area
  • Landing shuttering area
  • Handrail shuttering area

Prop Support

Props are auxiliary elements that support a horizontal formwork system and position it at the required height in each case.

Types of shuttering materials used on construction site

  • Coffer Shuttering
  • Plastic Shuttering
  • Aluminum Shuttering
  • Steel or Metallic Shuttering
  • Timber Form Work
  • Plywood Shuttering

Shuttering Oil

Shuttering Oil are high quality mineral oil-based mold releasing oil with low odor as multi-purpose mold releasing agents for metallic and wooden molds in concrete construction works.

Setting Time

The final setting time of cement can be defined as the time elapsed between the moments when water is added to the cement to the time when the cement paste has completely lost its plasticity. The final setting time of cement can also be defined as the time elapsed between the moments when water is added to the cement to the time when the square needle makes impression on the paste, while the annular collar fails to do so.

• The time elapsed between the moments when water is added to the cement to the time when the square needle penetrates a depth of 33 to 35 mm from the top of the mold is known as the Initial Setting Time of that cement.

• The initial Setting Time should not be less than 30 minutes for Ordinary Portland Cement.

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