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AutoCAD Electrical Training in India

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Electrical is a versatile and most ubiquitous commercial Drafting & Modeling software tool developed and marketed by AUTODESK since 1982. AutoCAD is an essential tool for High School Students, Technical Students, Draftsmen, Diploma Engineers, Mechanical, Automobile Engineers, and Corporate Managers and is used by over 10 million users worldwide.

Tech Cluster is an institute which provides AutoCAD Electrical training in Indore and offers chances to avail a great opportunity to learn the tool from basic to advanced level. Our expert faculties cover all the important factors of  AutoCAD Electrical Training for beginners and intermediates. With our expert guidance students can excel in their career and earn good. After which you can find good opportunities in MNC Industries like Eicher and other automobile industries.

Course Highlights:

AutoCAD Electrical Foundation :

  • Settings and Configurations
  • Custom Components
  • Custom Data
  • Automation Tools
  • Autodesk Vault Integration
  • PLC Modules
  • Advanced Productivity Tools

Duration :

  • 45 Hours Theory
  • 45 Hours Practical
  • 20 Hours Project work

Technical Features:

Settings and Configurations

  • Settings and Configurations
  • Creating Wire Types Introduction
  • About Wires
  • Creating Wire Types
  • Creating Wire Types Procedure
  • Renaming User Columns
  • Renaming User Column Headers
  • Changing, Converting, and Setting Wire Types
  • Changing a Wire to a Different Wire Type
  • Project: Create and Change Wire Type Layers
  • Using Reference Files
  • Using Component Reference Files
  • Using Description Reference Files
  • Using Installation and Location Reference Files
  • About Project Description Line Labels
  • About Environment Reference Files
  • Drawing Properties
  • About Drawing Properties
  • Drawing Settings
  • Drawing Properties Components Tab
  • Drawing Properties Wire Numbers Tab
  • Drawing Properties Cross-References Tab
  • Drawing Properties Style Tab
  • Drawing Properties Format Tab
  • About WD_M Block Files
  • Project: Change the Drawing Properties
  • Project Properties

Custom Components

  • Custom Components
  • Schematic Symbols
  • About Custom Schematic Symbols
  • Symbol Naming Convention
  • About Symbol Data Attributes
  • About Symbol Wire Connection and Terminal Attributes
  • About Attribute Templates
  • Creating Symbols Using the Symbol Builder Tool
  • Inserting Symbol Attributes
  • Project: Create a Custom Symbol
  • Icon Menu System
  • Selecting Icon Menus
  • Selecting an Icon Menu
  • Editing Icon Menus
  • Icon Menu Wizard
  • Editing Icon Menus Procedure
  • About Custom Schematic Symbols
  • Project: Modify the Icon Menu
  • Panel Footprints

Custom Data

  • Custom Data
  • Managing Part Catalog Databases
  • About Part Catalog Databases
  • Catalog Structure
  • Adding and Editing Catalog Part Numbers
  • Adding and Editing Catalog Part Numbers Procedure
  • Creating Multiple Catalog Subassemblies
  • Adding Multiple Bill of Material Items
  • About the Pin List Database
  • Editing the Pin List Database
  • About the Terminal Properties Database
  • Editing the Terminal Properties Database
  • Project: Add Part Numbers, Pinlist data, and Terminal Properties to the Part Catalog Database
  • Updating Title Block Attributes Introduction
  • Title Block Mapping Options
  • Mapping Formats
  • Using the Title Block Setup Tool
  • Creating a Title Block Mapping File

Automation Tools

  • Automation Tools
  • Updating Schematics from Spreadsheets
  • Exporting Data to Spreadsheets
  • Updating Data from Spreadsheets
  • Generating Automatic Reports
  • Creating SET Files
  • Creating a SET Format Files
  • Generating Reports Automatically
  • Creating Report Grouping
  • Generating Reports from a Group
  • Project: Generate Reports Automatically Project

Autodesk Vault Integration

  • Autodesk Vault Integration
  • Working with Autodesk Vault
  • Opening and Accessing
  • Logging In to the Vault
  • Typical Workflow
  • About Shared Workspaces
  • Enforcing a Working Folder
  • Checking In Projects and Drawings
  • Using the Check In (All) Commands
  • Checking Out Projects and Drawings
  • Using the Check Out (All) Commands
  • Open from Vault
  • Using the Open from Vault Commands
  • Attach from Vault
  • Using the Attach from Vault Command
  • Project: Access the Vault

PLC Modules

  • PLC Modules
  • Using PLC I/O Modules
  • About the Parametric PLC Module Structure
  • Inserting and Breaking Parametric PLC Modules
  • Editing a PLC Component
  • About PLC Stand-Alone I/O Points
  • Inserting Nonparametric PLC Modules
  • Project: Insert a Parametric PLC Module
  • Using the PLC Database File Editor
  • About the PLC Database File Editor
  • PLC Module Specifications
  • Terminal List and Settings
  • Creating a Parametric PLC Module
  • Creating a Module Prompt
  • Project: Create a PLC Module
  • PLC I/O Address-Based Tagging
  • PLC I/O Address Component Tag Format
  • PLC I/O Address Wire Number Tag Format
  • Project: Add PLC Address-Based Components
  • Using the Spreadsheet to PLC I/O Utility Introduction
  • About the Spreadsheet to PLC I/O Utility
  • Spreadsheet to PLC I/O Utility Setup
  • Using the Spreadsheet to PLC I/O Utility
  • Generating Drawings Automatically Using the Spreadsheet to PLC I/O
  • Project: Create PLC Drawings from a Spreadsheet

Advanced Productivity Tools

  • Productivity Tools
  • Adding Wire Data to Footprints
  • About Wire Connection Annotation Formats
  • About Footprint Wiring Attributes
  • Adding Wiring Information to Panel Footprints
  • Editing Wire Connection Sequences
  • Editing a Wire Network Connection Sequence
  • Project: Add Wiring Data to Footprints
  • Managing Cables
  • About Fan In/Out Signals
  • About Cable Markers
  • Combining Cable Markers and Fan In/Out Signals
  • Inserting Cable Markers
  • Creating Fan In/Out Signals
  • Project: Identify and Label Wires for a Cable
  • Using the Circuit Builder
  • About the Circuit Builder
  • About Circuit Templates
  • About the Circuit Spreadsheet
  • About the Electrical Standards Database
  • Recalculating Wire Size
  • Recalculating Wire Size Procedure
  • Using the Circuit Builder Tool
  • Configuring a Circuit Using the Circuit Builder
  • Editing the Electrical Standards Database
  • Editing the Electrical Standards Database Procedure
  • Use the Circuit Builder
  • Working with Peer-to-Peer Drawings
  • About Peer Diagrams
  • WDTYPE Attribute
  • WDTAGALT Attribute
  • Linking Peer Components
  • Project: Create Peer-to-Peer Links
  • Creating One-Line Diagrams

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