Digital Media Design

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Digital media design in graphic design refers to the creation of visual content for digital platforms and devices. It involves using graphic design principles and tools to produce various types of digital media, including images, videos, animations, interactive interfaces, and multimedia presentations. Digital media designers leverage technology and software to design engaging and effective visual communication that is tailored for digital consumption.

Course Highlights:

Digital Media Design Foundation :

• Introduction to Digital Media Design
• Fundamentals of Graphic Design
• Digital Imaging Techniques
• Vector Graphics and Illustration
• Interactive Design and User Experience (UX)
• Social Media Graphics
• Digital Marketing Design
• Project Work and Portfolio Development
• Industry Trends and Emerging Technologies

Duration :

• Total Duration: 3 weeks
• Weekly Sessions: 40 hours

Technical Features:

Introduction to Digital Media Design

• Overview of Digital Design
• Historical evolution and current trends
• Importance of digital media in design

Fundamentals of Graphic Design

• Principles of design (layout, color theory, typography)
• Understanding visual hierarchy
• Composition and balance in digital media

Digital Imaging Techniques

• Introduction to digital imaging software (Adobe Photoshop, GIMP)
• Image editing and manipulation
• Color correction and enhancement

Vector Graphics and Illustration

• Introduction to vector graphics (Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW)
• Creating logos and illustrations
• Infographics and icon design

Social Media Graphics

• Designing graphics for social media platforms
• Branding and consistency across social media
• Optimizing images for different platforms


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Digital Marketing Design

• Introduction to digital marketing
• Designing for online advertising
• Creating engaging content for digital campaigns

Project Work and Portfolio Development

• Applying learned skills in real-world projects
• Building a digital design portfolio
• Presentation and self-promotion strategies

Industry Trends and Emerging Technologies

• Keeping up with industry trends
• Exploring new tools and technologies in digital media design

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