What is Cad?

CAD - Computer Aided Design

It’s safe to say that computer-aided design, or CAD, revolutionized modern day engineering. CAD allows for the easier development of products and product management integration. It also allows for greater modeling and even provides a basis for virtual networking!
In the engineering world, CAD is extremely important and widely used to design and develop products to be used by consumers. This knowledge is a hot commodity for those employing engineers, because of its benefits in the engineering workplace.

CAD Drawing Benefits -

CAD drawings offer the flexibility to draft and design in a digital sphere, which were previously done by hand. The digital format makes data handling easier, safer, and quicker. Prior hand drawn blueprints can be scanned and then can be expanded upon digitally. Many CAD programs are now using three-dimensional drawings to maximize productivity and provide quicker, better product results, allowing for the development of the tiniest details.

What is CAD used for? CAD is used to design products and tools used in almost all the industries like Mechanical, Construction & Civil, Architects, Product Enginners, Graphic designers, interior or exterior designers. It is widely used software as it has lower cost of production, easy and quicker process, morover it also provides quality designing platform with adocumentation.

Project Management Benefits -

CAD’s excellent ability for comprehensive documentation and communication allows for an easier product management environment. Team communication is simpler and less stressful due to the easy sharing properties. Engineers working in teams on complex projects can establish a CAD library, allowing for the storing and reference of certain projects.

CAD Networking -

The information age has allowed CAD data to be shared throughout the industry, revolutionizing best practices. There are many virtual open CAD libraries providing a wealth of online resources for engineers.
Manufacturers can also supply CAD drawings of products for review before purchase in a way that could not be shared before, allowing for less travel and shipping.
Engineering professionals can also offer advice to the next generation of engineers. Online support is available through a variety of CAD networks.

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