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Tech Cluster Designwala Institute in Indore stands out as a beacon of excellence for individuals seeking the best UI/UX Design Course. Renowned for its commitment to delivering top-notch education, this institute offers a comprehensive program that encompasses both the technical and creative aspects of UI/UX design. The course, tailored to meet industry standards, is led by a team of experienced professionals and industry experts, ensuring students receive practical insights and hands-on training.

What sets the UI/UX Design Course at Techcluster Designwala Institute apart is its emphasis on practical skills, industry relevance, and cutting-edge tools. Students benefit from a state-of-the-art learning environment equipped with the latest design software and technologies. The curriculum is thoughtfully designed to cover a spectrum of topics, including design principles, user psychology, and collaborative project work. With a focus on staying abreast of industry trends, the institute ensures that graduates are well-prepared to meet the demands of the rapidly evolving design landscape.

In conclusion, the UI/UX Design Course at Tech Cluster Designwala Institute is the epitome of excellence, offering students a holistic and industry-driven learning experience that prepares them for successful careers in UI/UX design.

Offered Skill Courses

Diploma Certification Programs

Foundation Diploma

Autocad Certification indore

In Foundation Diploma Program you will cover this things which is given below –

Software Covered – Adobe Photoshop + Adobe Illustrator

Duration – 90 Hours

Internship – 45 Days Live Internship Program

Portfolio – 1 week for portfolio creation

Master Diploma

Autocad Certification indore

In Master Diploma Program you will cover this things which is given below –

Software Covered – Adobe Photoshop + Adobe Illustrator + Corel Draw + InDesign

Duration – 120 Hours

Internship – 60 Days Live Internship Program

Portfolio – 2 weeks for portfolio creation

Professional Diploma

Autocad Certification indore

In Master Diploma Program you will cover this things which is given below –

Software Covered – Adobe Photoshop + Adobe Illustrator + Corel Draw + InDesign + Figma + Adobe XD

Duration – 180 Hours

Internship – 90 Days Live Internship Program

Portfolio – 3 weeks for portfolio creation


Why UI/UX Design Training with Tech Cluster Designwala?

  • Basic to Core Concepts
  • Full Theoretical Knowledge
  • Certified Expert Faculties
  • Live Demos & Practical
  • Job Placements & Internship
  • Affordable Prices
  • Professional Certificate
  • Offline & Online Classes
  • All time Lab Access Practice
  • Flexible Days/Time Batches
  • Doubt Clearing Session
  • Excellent Infrastructure
  • Practice Industry Standards
  • Fun & Skills Oriented Events
  • Industrial Collaborations
  • Industrial Workshops
  • Technical Mock Interview
  • Create Job Profiles & CV
  • Hardware Software Support
  • Friendly & Safe Environment

Career Scope in UI/UX Design Industries

In today’s day and age when everything is so fast and the attention span of people is shorter than that of a goldfish, companies and brands heavily rely on eye-catching graphics to make a lasting impression, this is where graphic designers come in. Combining art and technology to articulate ideas and communicate them visually, graphic and visual communication design is everywhere. From websites, signages, illustrated books, brandings to packaging, every aspect of one’s life is some way or the other influenced by graphics. Everyday more and more companies are building their in-house creative teams and the need and demand for graphic and visual communication designers are increasing rapidly.

Apart from inhouse teams, over the last 5 years many new creative agencies have sprung up providing need based graphical and visual solutions. These companies can work with multiple clients at a time, providing designs as per their need. With the ongoing pandemic and the increasing prevalence of social media, many small scale businesses and start-ups are using the platform to promote and run their business.

Many times, these businesses cannot afford creative agencies and thus turn to freelance designers. Freelance designers can work with multiple clients at once and have the freedom to choose the kind of projects they would like to do. Scope of Graphic designing in India is becoming an increasingly relevant and sought after profession. Top Industries Where Graphic Designers Are High In Demand

  • Manufacturing industries
  • Publishing Sector
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Design Agencies
  • Computer System Design
  • UI/UX Design Industry
Job Profiles in UI/UX Designing

With the rise in demand for graphic designers, there is a Huge job opportunities for Graphic design students. The following are some of the job profiles one can pursue after their graphic design degree:

  • Communication Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Design Illustrators
  • Web Designers
  • Brand Designer
  • Narrative Designer
  • Experience Designer
  • Design Researcher
  • Brand Manager
  • Chief Design Officer
  • Chief Creative Officer
  • Design Entrepreneur
  • Design Manager
Graphic desgining training center indore India

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