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This quiz has 15 questions, 30 -minute that will test your basic knowledge and understanding of the Creo

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“Feature in Pro/E refers to

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If you use File, Erase without saving your model, have you lost your work?

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What is the minimum number of surfaces you must remove when adding a shell feature?

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To create various type of datums, you need to select the references on the model the selection method, smart filter is selected by default. How many filters associated the filter drop-down list while you are creating datums?

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Creo means many things in many different languages, which of the following is o the meanings:

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Pro/ENGINEER has been rebranded, indicating that it’s a first step on the path to Creo – what’s the new name?

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Before revealing the Creo brand, PTC referred to its project to revolutionize the CAD industry as:

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Can the units of a part be changed without changing the size of the part?

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Can a drawing reference more than one assembly?

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Can a Pro/ENGINEER drawing be opened in AutoCAD?

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Can you add motion to a part?

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What does ‘floor 25.8’ evaluate to?

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