Solid Edge software developed by Siemens since 1996 and now available in most countries around the world, is a  complete CAD / CAM / CNC software system using synchronous technology to help engineers increase Design faster,  faster editing, and better data reuse.

Solid Edge software offers a variety of applications to meet the diverse requirements of designers: from powerful 2D  drawing design to advanced 3D design tools, perfect for assembly design, rendering. Automatic drawing, assembly  and simulation.

Solid Edge is Siemens’ most comprehensive open digital product development system that offers benefits in design  and machining.


➢ With the current global trend and international integration, choosing a solution that suits the requirements  of the job as well as compliance with industry and national laws requires businesses to innovating and having  right investment orientation on copyrighted CAD / CAM / CNC software solutions.

➢ Solid Edge software solution from Siemens is a solution that fully meets the above factors and is suitable for  small and medium businesses, businesses that only need to invest with low cost but can get Comprehensive  and synchronous solutions on a single software system.

➢ Solid Edge software provides the most intuitive and efficient portfolio of design and analysis that allows to  accelerate product development for consumer goods including 3D design, visualization, simulation,  prototyping, manufacturing and design project management. Electromechanical assembly design is also  accelerated with integrated wiring and PCB design capabilities (from Mentor graphic).

Course Highlights:

➢ Introduction of SOLID EDGE

➢ Surface design

➢ Sheet Metal Design

➢ Assembling Drawing

➢ Synchronous technology

➢ Motion simulation

➢ CAM Machining

Technical Feature

Technical Feature

➢ Solid edge Design

➢ Solid edge Manufacturing

➢ Solid edge Simulation

solid edge training courses

➢ Creating 3D Curve

➢ Surface Creation

➢ Additional Surfacing Command

➢ Creating & Editing Blue surf

solid edge training courses

➢ Base Feature

➢ Contour Flange

➢ Jog

➢ Deformation Feature

➢ Using Hem Command

➢ Using Jog and Break corner Command

➢ Creating Flat pattern using Sheet metal

solid edge training courses

➢ Modelling Assembling

➢ Assembly features

➢ Assembly pattering

➢ Assembly system libraries

➢ Inspecting assemblies

➢ Designing in the Context of an assembly

➢ Revising assemblies

➢ Assembly report

➢ Alternate assembly

➢ Exploding assemblies

➢ Rendering

➢ Animation

solid edge training courses

▪ The software combines direct modelling with dimension driven design (features and synchronously solving  parameter) under the name “Synchronous Technology”.[3] Parametric relationships can be applied directly to  the solid features without having to depend on 2D sketch geometry, and common parametric relationships are  applied automatically.

▪ Unlike other direct modelling systems, it is not driven by the typical history-based modelling system, instead  providing parametric dimension-driven modelling by synchronizing geometry, parameters and rules using a  decision-making engine, allowing users to apply unpredicted changes. This object-driven editing model is  known as the Object Action Interface, which emphasizes a User Interface that provides Direct Manipulation of  objects (DMUI). ST2 added support for sheet metal designing, and also recognizing bends, folds and other  features of imported sheet metal parts.

▪ Synchronous Technology has been integrated into Solid Edge and another Siemens commercial CAD  software, NX, as an application layer built on the D-Cubed and Parasolid software components.

Built-in finite element analysis (FEA) allows design engineers to digitally validate part and assembly  designs within the Solid Edge environment. Solid Edge Simulation significantly reduces the need for  physical prototypes, which lowers your material and testing costs, and saves design time.

solid edge training courses

Solid Edge integrates with CAM Pro (NX CAM) is an expansion module of NX CAM that provides machining  solutions from 3 to 5 axes, wire cutting, turning, … when using CAM then the interface will be completely NX  CAM, modifying the design on Solid Edge will automatically update data sync to CAM without having to  reprogram from the beginning to optimize and save more time.

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solid edge training courses
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solid edge training courses
solid edge training courses
solid edge training courses
solid edge training courses
solid edge training courses
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