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Solid Edge is a 3D CAD, parametric feature (history based) and synchronous technology solid modeling software. It runs on Microsoft Windows and provides solid modeling, assembly modelling and 2D orthographic view functionality for mechanical designers. Through third party applications it has links to many other Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) technologies. Originally developed and released by Intergraph in 1996 using the ACIS geometric modeling kernel, it changed to using the Parasolid kernel when it was purchased and further developed by UGS Corp in 1998. In 2007, UGS was acquired by the Automation & Drives Division of Siemens AG. UGS company was renamed Siemens PLM Software on October 1, 2007.


The Direct modeling features allows the user to change model geometry/topology without being hindered by a native model's existing—or an imported model's lack of—parametric and/or history data. This is particularly useful for working with imported models or complex native models. Direct modeling features are available in both Ordered and Synchronous mode. If used in the Ordered mode, the direct modeling edits are appended to the history tree at the point of current rollback just like any other ordered feature.

Course Highlights:

Solid Edge Foundation:
  • 2D-Drafting Sketching.
  • Data Import & Reuse.
  • Plastic Part Design.
  • Standard Part Library.
  • Surface Modeling
  • Sheet Metal Design with K factor.
  • Mold Design With Draft Technology
Solid Edge Advance:
  • Frame & Weldment Design.
  • Automated 2D Drawing
  • Conceptual Assembly Design.
  • Mesh Data reuse
  • (Convergent modelling).
  • Motion Simulation.