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Bentley MXROAD Suite provides information-rich modeling integrated with CAD, mapping, GIS, and business tools such as PDFs, i-models, and hypermodels. The software features immersive, 3D parametric modeling with an innovative approach to designing civil components in a total-project context. MXROAD Suite is the design platform of choice of leading engineering design firms and global transportation agencies. Discover why transportation professionals around the world depend on MXROAD Suite.


MX Road is an excellent string-based modeling tool that enables the rapid and accurate design of all types of roads. Individuals such as civil engineers, designers, surveyors, system designers can access 3D modeling, construction driven engineering, and other analysis all in one engineering application.

Course Highlights:

Mx Road Foundation:
  • View controls
  • Survey inputs and validation
  • String names and drawing styles
  • Point selection methods
  • Surface checker
  • Surface analysis
  • Earthwork calculation
  • Alignment creation
  • 25 Days
Mx Road Advance:
  • Carriageway design
  • Junction design
  • Shoulder design
  • Pavement design
  • Dynamic reports
  • Section view
  • Final drawing
  • 25 Days